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Trusteeship Highlights

Here, you will find the outstanding content, specially selected by the Trusteeship of CIT.

Montagem com fotos do rio
Featured Content

The Landscape
Pre-inventory of
Doce River

This content is part of the activities of the Technical Cooperation Project: “Building peace and dialogue for the sustainable development of the regions affected by Fundão dam”. 

Developed by the partnership of Renova Foundation with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Landscape Pre-Inventory of Doce River brings the collection of secondary data and bibliographic reviews, as well as the Atlas of Doce River with analysis of the landscape, maps and cataloging of data on topography, infrastructure and population. And you can also learn more at this link here.

Commitment of CIT

Trusteeship Mission: caring is the keyword

The Trusteeship has an important role in preserving records, data, documents, and information about the collapse, and its constant work should last as long as there are the physical spaces of CIT, the Interactive Platform, and the collection of the collapse of Fundão dam.

In addition to the technical and scientific content, the stories and ways of life of the affected communities should also be recorded as a way to welcome the various narratives that can tell what happened, records of how this has transformed and will transform the environment and the routine of these communities.

Therefore, the trusteeship process is carried out by a broad team, composed of the Technical Team of CIT, the Impact Trusteeship of Renova Foundation and the Board of Trustees. Each one with a distinct attribution in the process, they work with established criteria to consolidate a broad collection on the subject, from several sources.

Gathering all this content presupposes a careful work of organization, but above all respect for differences, zeal and real understanding of the complexity of the collapse, to provide the committed participation of civil organizations, social and environmental and academic institutions, as well as public administration.


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What is the Trusteeship?

The Trusteeship is the process of selecting, cataloging, organizing, treating, adding value and preserving the information shared by the CIT. 

Who are the Trusteeship participants?

The group is composed of representatives of different agencies, such as those affected by the affected cities, people from the government, the Renova Foundation or organized civil society. 

The technical team of the Information Program for the Population and the Impact Trusteeship area of Renova Foundation, together with the Technical Chamber of Participation, Dialogue and Social Control take responsibility for the construction of this trusteeship.

Trusteeship Structure

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